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Your Child is One-of-a-Kind. So Are We.

 Infrastructure, Teaching Aids and Equipment

Infrastructure at the center has been especially designed by support optimal development to suit lively preschoolers, keeping in mind their penchant for learning and discovering.The ambience is bright and conducive to learning.

Children are given an opportunity to play with safe, non-toxic toys and equipment. In addition to being safe and attractive special care has been taken that toys and equipment for young children match their stages of development and emerging abilities.

By providing interesting materials and enthusiastically reinforcing children’s attempts to explore and solve problems, we aspire to stimulate children’s development, promote advanced critical thinking, and help children take pride in their own abilities to find out more about how their world works.

Our curriculum gives enough opportunities balance activities and integrates learning with social and intellectual development. Children are provided with abundant time to sing, dance, express, rhyme, count, play, write, explore and talk.


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